To the people who told me my life would come to nothing as a single mother to two boys...Thank you. You led me to follow my dream of being a teacher, and achieving my honours degree, a diploma, a foundation degree, a PGCE and another diploma in teaching in adult education-so that I could teach from primary until 100 years old! 🎓 And 1/3 of my masters degree so far.

To the person who left me alone to bring up my boys for all this time...Thank you. At least you didn’t mess them about, it was clear that you wouldn’t be around. I know your reason why and crazy as it seems, I will always love you for it. I know I’ve done ok by them and I am immensely proud of them. 💙💙

To the person that told me I made him feel bad because I was depressed...thank you. You taught me to empathise and listen to others. 🤗

To the person who told me I was a waste on society...Thank you. You showed me that absolutely everyone deserves a chance. 💖

To the person that led me and my boys to be homeless and living in temporary accommodation...Thank you. You taught me that befriending those who you would normally avoid can lead to lifelong friendships. 💪🏻

To the person who watched me not coping as a parent, and whose answer was to continually and still try to threaten me...Thank you. You thought I was weak when actually I was being the strongest I have ever been. I didn’t know I had that strength until I had to live it. I used my strength to help others through the same thing, when I did my baby massage, baby yoga, Indian head massage, reiki and baby sign language training. 👶🏻 💆🏻‍♀️ 👌🏻

To the person who told me that I should keep my daughter quiet and that she had me wrapped around her little finger...Thank you. She still sings whilst she is having fun. Most of all, she is a warrior. She makes the most of every moment and lives her life to the full. Her spirit and independence are already all I could hope for her. 🧍🏻‍♀️

To the person who told me my job was ‘pointless and just a hobby’... Thank you. I kept going. It is my passion, my why. I make a difference every single day. Your leaving gave me the space I needed to realise my dreams are still in fruition-and today I passed my full body massage exams.  ⭐️ Next week I’m doing my pregnancy massage training. 🤰

Every experience we have gives us two choices. It can make us or break us. I choose make. 🙏🏻💜

Thank you

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