JHJH member's Story

I went along to Joining Hands Joining Hearts and really wondered why I was there.  I feel very fortunate to be in a long and happy marriage and had not suffered domestic abuse in the same way many of the other ladies spoke about.

However, as a child my mum suffered from domestic abuse which was often very violent and emotional.  As a child I, with my siblings, witnessed this over several years.  I realised that my experience as a child could help to support others that have been through similar experiences.

The ladies in this group have really helped me to see how growing up in domestic abuse has affected my life but more importantly they have all shown me how overcoming these experiences and supporting others can really make a difference.  Within the group we have cried and laughed so much together and I now have an amazing group of supportive friends that can really be relied upon, no matter what life throws at me.

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