COVID-19: Please call 999 if you need emergency help and press 55 if you are unable to speak, the police will still be able to get help to you. You can also email or call us using our contact us page for support, please bear with us whilst we are navigating socially distanced face to face meetings. 

What is JHJH?

Joining Hands Joining Hearts (JHJH) provides support for those in need of help, from coffee mornings and friendships to advice and educational training programmes.

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We're here to help:

  • Coffee mornings
  • Support counselling
  • Access to FREE courses
  • Building on your own skills
  • Referrals to the correct agencies
  • Learning about Mr right and Mr wrong


Historic Change to the Domestic Abuse Bill

#YouAreNotPowerless Campaign

A New six-week #YouAreNotPowerless campaign, by Crimestoppers, highlights that a typical victim endures up to 35 assaults before seeking help.

After a terrifying spike in domestic abuse reports during lockdown, we've launched a new campaign encouraging people in Kent to be aware of the signs to spot and to speak up about their suspicions 100% anonymously.

Practical Help for Families and Friends

On a practical level, as a friend you can:

  • Agree a code word or action that your friend can use to signal that they are in danger and cannot access help themselves.
  • Offer to keep copies of important documents and other items for them. If they have to leave in a hurry, they don’t have to waste time collecting important belongings.
  • Together or on your own, find out information about local services and help.

Coronavirus: Priti Patel unveils more help for domestic abuse victims in virus lockdown

The home secretary has launched a new campaign telling people experiencing domestic abuse or who are at risk of it during the coronavirus lockdown that help is available to them. News Update Domestic Abuse

Whoever you are, social isolation is not an excuse for domestic abuse

This is a crime and it can affect anyone.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, limited contact with the outside world may make you or someone you know feel unsafe but specialist teams are still here to help 24/7, in the same way we always do.

Kent Police will respond to your call and can arrest anyone committing offences against you.

In an emergency dial 999 or 101 for non-emergencies. You can also speak to someone online at

A Positive Change

Meet Em, founder and creator of Bloomin’ Positive, a blog dedicated to spreading positivity.

"I have had the time to read, research and (virtually) spend time with friends and family, all of these experiences have helped me to find peace and strategies to become happier and mentally calmer.

I wanted to start a space to share these findings with others, in the hope that it will help them to find positivity and peace in their every day life. Wellbeing is such an important part of our lives and something that many of us neglect because of responsibilities. Not only that, but I want to share with you changes that I am making in my life to make me feel less guilty about my damage to the environment and perhaps these changes could be positive for you too."

Violence against women in pornography is not a fantasy - it’s reality!

One of the more common defences of pornography is that it is not ‘real’, that it is merely a fantasy. But this is not the case. Fantasy occurs in the mind.

The filmed sexual aggression of women by men in pornography is anything but a fantasy, and for the women being brutalised on camera, it is very real.

Understanding the Power and Control Wheel

A number of videos understanding the power and control wheel from the Duluth Model.