Where it all began:

Meet Keeley Beaney, she is the founder of Joining Hands Joining Hearts (JHJH) and is looking forward to welcoming you with open arms.

From Keeley’s own personal experience of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, in 1997 she started an anonymous support group called Soul Survivors. Keeley said she wanted to create an open space where anyone could go for a chit chat, drink coffee and eat biscuits.

In April of 2016, JHJH was born providing a local coffee morning to help those affected and fulfil the void for support that was based on true friendships.

Keeley Portrait

Our Approach

Our Story

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Joining Hands & Joining Hearts is an open door, a home away from the bustle of life.

A time and place to Nurture YOU. A place not to teach you skills, but to lead you to the skills you already have.

JHJH has continued to grow and now offers advice, support, training and of course coffee mornings! Bring a friend, Don't be shy, we are here to walk the mile along side, holding your hand to give you strength, no questions asked, no quibble.

About us:

What:   Joining Hands Joining Hearts (JHJH) is a domestic violence support group. A registered charity liaising & working with a number of agencies in order to provide the best for those who seek our help through support, education and training.

Who:   JHJH is available to anyone for support, we provide support to females and males of any age and circumstance.

How:   We provide support for those in need of help, from coffee mornings and friendships to advice on court proceedings and educational training programmes.

We have a friendly support team ready to listen ...