'Thank you ... ' by Fiona

To the people who told me my life would come to nothing as a single mother to two boys...Thank you. You led me to follow my dream of being a teacher, and achieving my honours degree, a diploma, a foundation degree, a PGCE and another diploma in teaching in adult education-so that I could teach from primary until 100 years old!   And 1/3 of my masters degree so far.

To the person who left me alone to ... Read more

Poem - One Line

They started as a flippant remark
That when repeated enough left me in the dark
They flash round my head leaving me unsure
Some days so strong I'm trapped indoors
Small things that I should know aren't true
Cause reaction but I can't undo
And all because at an important time
I took too much notice of just one line
That's stuck and made it way within
My head but now I must begin
To turn the one liners round

A JHJH members story - why am I here?

I went along to Joining Hands Joining Hearts and really wondered why I was there.  I feel very fortunate to be in a long and happy marriage and had not suffered domestic abuse in the same way many of the other ladies spoke about.

However, as a child my mum suffered from domestic abuse which was often very violent and emotional.  As a child I, with my siblings, witnessed ... Read more

Fifty Shades of Grey

When I started the freedom programme we were told that at some point we will all have a light bulb moment where everything we learn sinks in and we understand what the programme is all about and why we have ended up on it.

For me, my light bulb moment was when we were learning about the ‘sexual controller’ and how much this behaviour aligns with Mr. Grey from the well known Fifty Shades of Grey books/films.

These books were the ...Read more

A JHJH members story - safe environment

JHJH have been an amazing support, mentally physically and emotionally not just for myself but my children as well. They have became the family we needed.
The coffee mornings are great fun and we all bring a hug and a smile. Tissues are a plenty but it's a safe environment for us to be nurtured, listened too and heard.
I left an abusive marriage after 15years of denial. JHJH have supported me and my children, moving, learning and growing as individuals. I have never felt so able to ... Read more