Poem by a JHJH member

They started as a flippant remark
That when repeated enough left me in the dark
They flash round my head leaving me unsure
Some days so strong I'm trapped indoors
Small things that I should know aren't true
Cause reaction but I can't undo
And all because at an important time
I took too much notice of just one line
That's stuck and made it way within
My head but now I must begin
To turn the one liners round
To positives that don't knock me down
But instead they start to build me up
So God can once again fill my cup
To overflowing as was before
When I never thought twice of going outdoors
To find the strength I must embrace
New one liners to take their place
So I will try to fill my head
With positive one liners instead
You can you do you will you'll see
You're the best mum you can possibly be
You're loved you're funny the generous too
You're needed you're welcome by more than a few
God made you in a perfect way
Are all one liners I need to say
And in time they will replace the Old
And anxiety will no longer have a hold

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